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3 Must-Have Shop-Made Router Bases

The simplicity of a router allows it to adapt to all kinds of operations. By making some accessories, you can open up new options for using your router. Chris Fitch shares a few router bases that are made for mortising, trimming and planing boards.

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Table Saw

Improved Push Block

This push block is perfect for your table saw. It let's you push the narrowest of rips through the blade with complete safety. And when the base is used up, just slide another in it's place.

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Drill Press

Shop-Made Drill Press Table Add-ons

John concludes his drill press table build by sharing a few add-ons that can make your time at the drill press easier. This handful of accessories are useful on any drill press table that you have.

Handy Drill Press Hold-Downs

These shop-made hold-downs are custom fit to the slots of your drill press table. Two of these clamps will cover all your needs.