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Top 5 Weekend Router Jigs

These handy router jigs help you rout dadoes, create mortises, cut circles, and join project parts together.

Fast & Easy Finger Joints with a Router Jig

The flexibility and easy setup of this unique jig makes adding eye-catching elements to your next project a snap. Plus, this jig will make variably-spaced finger joints and ensure that both halves of the joint fit together perfectly every time.

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Table Saw

Roller Stand Brace

As helpful as roller stands are they can at times have a little trouble staying in place. Here's a tip that will keep them where you want them to be.

Easy-To-Build Crosscut Sled

You may think that a crosscut sled is needed only for cutting wide panels. Not so, says Phil Huber. He built a small-scale sled to handle all of his everyday crosscutting needs. The result is smoother, cleaner cuts and reliable performance.

Table Saw Blade Cover

Whether you're changing a table saw blade or setting it aside in storage, it's a good idea to protect the carbide teeth from damage. Here's an easy solution you may want to try.

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Drill Press

Upgrade Your Drill Press Table

Building a table and fence for your drill press makes it easier and safer to support a large workpiece. But the auxiliary table can get in the way of the height adjustment crank. This table gives you easier access with some clever hardware solutions.