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featured articles

featured articles

Small Parts Storage

I often need storage containers to hold small parts and hardware in my shop. I decided to make my own containers by using clear plastic shipping tubes that I had around my shop.

Overhead Storage Rack

I don’t like to throw away leftover trim, pipes, and long cutoff pieces from projects I’ve built. But storing these long pieces in my small garage shop has always been cumbersome. So I decided to take advantage of the unused space above my garage door and built the storage rack you see here.

Portable Tool Rack

Keep the tools you need most close at hand. These handy racks can be moved anywhere in the shop.

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Routing A Hinge Mortise

Mortising for hinges is normally no big deal. But if the hinges are round, it introduces a challenge. Here's a quick way to deal with that problem

Routing Perfect Parts

Simple add-ons all it takes to rout small parts safely and accurately on your router table.

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Cutting Long Finger Joints

Here's an easy way to tackle making some extra-long finger joint. You do it with a combination of your table saw and a Japanese-style rip saw.

Table Saw Tenons

The phrase “more than one way to skin a cat” is certainly overused. But when it comes to cutting tenons on the table saw, it also happens to be true.