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Drill Press

The drill press, large or small, is one of the essential tools of a well supplied shop. Here's some ideas to make the tool even better.

Drill Press Angle Support

This simple jig for your drill press lets you drill accurately angled holes. Read More

Reader Project: Drill Press Sharpening Station

Sometimes the plans are the place to diverge from. Read More

I-Beam Drill Press Table

A handy jig for your drill press that let's you drill safely and keep the area clean. Read More

Auxiliary Small Parts Holder

This jig adds maximum flexibility to safely drilling small parts at the drill press. Read More

Upgrade Your Drill Press Table

Building a table and fence for your drill press makes it easier and safer to support a large workpiece. But … Read More

Quick & Easy Drill Press Depth Stop Setup

Rare earth magnets find all kinds of uses in woodworking projects, and often they need to be recessed into a … Read More

Dowel End Drilling Jig

It seemed like no matter how well I marked the centers of dowel ends, I could never get a perfectly … Read More

Drill Press Table Gauge

A simple setup that will guarantee that your drill press table is square to the world. Or at least your … Read More

Drill Bit Storage System

With this simple storage system you can store your bits near the drill press where you use them most. But … Read More

Cleaner Circle Cutting

Perfect circles with no holes in the center by using this little trick. Read More

Drill Press Dust Collection

Managing chips and sawdust when using the drill press is always a challenge. The problem is where to locate the … Read More

Stop Drill Press Racking

Solve the issue of your drill press table moving around while you try to raise and lower it! Read More

Drum Sander Dust Shield

A drum sander in a drill press is about the best dust making tool in a shop. With this simple … Read More

Drill Press Sander

One challenge of working with small parts is fine-tuning the size safely and accurately. Take a look at this clever … Read More

Air Power — Eliminate Dust & Chips

This portable accessory improves safety, visibiliy, and accuracy while you use common power tools. Read More