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Table Saw

The table saw is front and center in most shops, and rightly so. This tool gives you ultimate control when it comes to building projects of all shapes and sizes.

How To Make a Zero-Clearance Insert Plate

All it takes is an afternoon to make a set of zero-clearance inserts and get cleaner table saw cuts. Read More

Hassle-Free Crosscut Sled Setup

Setting up a crosscut sled can be a fussy affair at times. But these three steps make the whole process … Read More

Table Saw Accessory Cabinet

This cabinet keeps everything you might need for your cabinet saw close at hand. Read More

Improved Push Block

This push block is perfect for your table saw. It let's you push the narrowest of rips through the blade … Read More

Table Saw Side Support

This addition to your table saw will take the stress out of those long cross cuts. Read More

Make Your Own Deluxe Zero-Clearance Insert Plates

Replacing the insert in your table saw is one of the easiest ways to increase the quality of the cuts … Read More

Table Saw Tune-Up Tips

Like most things with moving parts, a table saw requires periodic maintenance and upkeep to keep it running at peak … Read More

Shop-Made Unifence Stop Block

Here's a handy little block that will let you fine-tune and save your table saws rip fence location. Read More

Shop-Made Auxiliary Fence

Often needed, a sacrificial fence comes in handy when milling wood at the table saw. This version will fulfill those … Read More

A Simple Dado Blade Caddy

A safe way to store your dado blades but keep them close at hand. Read More

Easy-To-Build Table Saw Taper Jig

Cutting tapers at the table saw usually involves making a quick, one-use jig. This jig offers a permanent and flexible … Read More

Push Block Cradle

A safe way to keep your push block close at hand. Read More

My Favorite Shop-Made Push Block!

A push block doesn't have to be a scrap piece, thrown away after one use. This version is designed with … Read More

Roller Stand Brace

As helpful as roller stands are they can at times have a little trouble staying in place. Here's a tip … Read More

Easy-To-Build Crosscut Sled

You may think that a crosscut sled is needed only for cutting wide panels. Not so, says Phil Huber. He … Read More