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ShopNotes Podcast

Join us every week for woodworking inspiration and fun. Hosts John Doyle, Logan Wittmer, and Phil Huber from Woodsmith magazine share what they're working on, lessons learned, shop stories, and behind-the-scenes news at Woodsmith. Be on the lookout for special interviews and answers to listener questions. Thanks for listening!

Episode Details

ShopNotes Podcast 088 — Moving House & Workshop

Moving house means a chance to reboot John's workshop. Read More

ShopNotes podcast 087 — What Defines a Woodworker

John, & Phil take on Logan to figure out what makes a woodworker. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 086 — The Worst Part of Woodworking

Take a tour of the latest Popular Woodworking issue and haggle over the worst aspect of this hobby. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 085 — Alumni Day

Former Woodsmith & ShopNotes editor Randy Maxey joins the cast for a trip down memory lane, talk of sharpening, learning … Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 084 — Furniture Reproduction and You

Designer Dillon Baker joins John and Phil for a conversation about creating projects and translating ideas into reality. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 083 — Special Guest: Powermatic

Tobias Bridges joins the cast to discuss power tool design, challenges, and history. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 081 — There's always stuff for me to buy

John, Phil, and Logan offer tool buying advice — or not. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 082 — Design, Drawings, & Plans

Sketches, CAD files, full-size detailed drawings all work when building projects. Find out how the hosts build projects for themselves. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 080 — Generic Amphibian Behavior

Recap the AWFS woodworking show in Las Vegas, European table saws, project updates, and concealed hinges. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 076 — The John & Logan Show

The pursuit of woodworking perfection and a dream shop for Logan in the making. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 077 — The John & Logan Show pt. 2

Clearly lacking supervision, John and Logan open the mailbag looking for ideas. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 078 — Our Best One Yet

Summer breaks are a blessing. The crew is back, refreshed, and ready to get into the shop. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 079 — GoFundMe for Logan's Run

If you had a boat, what would you name it? Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 074 — Where in the World is John Doyle?

We offer a thanks to one of the team and discuss using woodscrews in woodworking projects. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 075 — Scrap Management

In which we discuss lumber storage options and solutions and the ideal workshop size. Read More