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The router is perhaps the most versatile of any woodworking tool. You can use it to do everything from shaping simple edge profiles to cutting complex joinery.

Top 5 Weekend Router Jigs

These handy router jigs help you rout dadoes, create mortises, cut circles, and join project parts together. Read More

Fast & Easy Finger Joints with a Router Jig

The flexibility and easy setup of this unique jig makes adding eye-catching elements to your next project a snap. Plus, … Read More

Cut Perfect Joinery With Your Router and this Adjustable Dado Jig

A hand-held router and jig can make life easy for creating smooth dadoes and grooves. Plus, this handy jig has … Read More

End Grain Router Sled

Routing across the end of the workpiece brings all kinds of considerations: safety, workpiece control, preventing tearout, and keeping the … Read More

Router Bit Storage Tray

All the router bits you need close at hand but out of the way — this tip is a keeper. Read More

Shop-Made Router Lift Upgrade

A shop-made router lift can make your router table that much easier to set up. An ordinary socket wrench can … Read More

Fluting Jig

A fluted work piece adds class and distinction to any project. This jig makes it a breeze to layout flutes. Read More

Replaceable-Insert Router Bits: Stepping Up: Heavy-Duty Bits

Tired of sharpening or throwing away router bits when they get dull? Amana’s new line offers an innovative solution to … Read More

Easy Edge Trimming

I prefer to put the edging on my plywood cabinets after they’re all assembled and then trim it flush with … Read More

5 Favorite Router Accessories

You might be surprised to find out how a few inexpensive items can make your routing tasks easier, safer, and … Read More

Using Big Bits For Router Table Molding

Get ornate. professional-quality moldings from the router table. Here's how to do the job. Read More

Foolproof Fluting Jigs

Creating perfectly spaced flutes on workpieces for a project is easy with your router and these handy jigs. Read More

Precision Rotary Tool Routing

Turning your rotary tool into a precision router for small, intricate work is just a matter of adding a stable … Read More

5 Tips For Taming Router Table Tearout

Tearout on the router table shouldn't be something you have to live with. Here are a few simple steps you … Read More

Making & Using Router Templates

When it comes to making odd-shaped or identical parts for your projects, a router and a template will help you … Read More