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Joinery hints, tips, and tricks to help you build better projects.

Stops for Making Mortises

These stops that attach to your router table fence work perfectly for making hinge mortises. Read More

Cutting Long Finger Joints

Here's an easy way to tackle making some extra-long finger joint. You do it with a combination of your table … Read More

Table Saw Tenons

The phrase “more than one way to skin a cat” is certainly overused. But when it comes to cutting tenons … Read More

Orderly Board Sizing

Squaring up stock is one of those tasks that it's easy to lose track of what work has been done … Read More

Secret to Gap-Free Joints

Combine a hand plane and a miter gauge from the table saw to create a way to trim parts to … Read More

Top-Notch Tenons

Here's an easy technique for building your hand tool skills and making tight-fitting joints. Read More

Cut a Mortise on the Table Saw

Making mortises on your table saw is fast, easy, and accurate with the right approach. Read More

Dovetail Jig Secrets

All it takes to get great-looking, tight-fitting joints is spending a little time to dial in the proper setup. Read More

Super Strong Miters

A miter joint looks great but isn't the strongest option. But you can strengthen your miter joints with this easy … Read More

Two Ways to Cut Rabbets

Cutting this versatile joint on the table saw allows you to dial in perfect results quickly and easily. Here's a … Read More

Simplify Cabinet Joinery

This platform makes using your biscuit joiner a breeze. Read More

Easy Router Joinery

Build this router add-on for cutting accurate dadoes. Read More

Cutting Perfect Tenons

Master this table saw technique for creating rock-solid joinery. Read More

Tricks for Dead-On Dadoes

With the right setup, you’ll cut perfect dadoes every time. Read More

Top Dovetail Jig Tricks

Find out how to get the best results with your router jig. Read More