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Joinery hints, tips, and tricks to help you build better projects.

Bandsawn Dovetails

Cut dovetails that look hand cut using your band saw to do the heavy lifting. Read More

Kreg Base with Bench Dog

A sturdy base that's added to your Kreg jig gets you working on pocket joinery faster. Read More

Making Dovetail Keys at the Router Table

Small wood "keys" create the traditional look of a dovetail joint -- without all the work. Plus, they add strength … Read More

Perfect Door Joinery With a Router Table Sled

A router table is a great tool for producing tight, crisp joints. But routing across the grain of a workpiece … Read More

Make Your Own Pocket Hole Jig Using A Handheld Router!

You're probably familiar with a pocket hole jig that uses a handheld drill to form the pockets. Here's a way … Read More

Stickley Inspired Clock

This mantel clock features Stickley details a unique face design. Read More

Perfect Stub Tenon & Groove

Making stub tenon and groove joinery is a cornerstone of the Craftman style of furniture. This easy-to-make joint is a … Read More

Table Saw Crosscut Sled Finger Joint Jig

A crosscut sled makes cutting so much easier and more accurate that many woodworkers have one on their saw practically … Read More

Biscuit Joiner Spline Slots

Instead of building a cradle jig for your table saw to make decorative splines, try this addition to your biscuit … Read More

The Basics of Pocket Hole Joinery

Fast, accurate, versatile, and strong — do you need more reasons to give pocket hole joinery technique a try? Read More

Loose-Wedge Mortise & Tenon Joints

These traditional options for knock-down joinery offer strong, rigid construction along with a unique, hand-crafted look. Read More

Troubleshooting Tips For Your Jointer

If your jointer is giving you fits, try a few of these remedies for some common jointer ailments. Read More

Perfect-Fitting Finger Joints

Attractive and strong, finger joints are also easy to make with nothing more than a shop-made table saw jig and … Read More

Making Doors With Rail & Stile Bits

Whether it’s kitchen cabinets or an entertainment center, a set of router bits offers an easy way to make the … Read More

How to: Dovetail Case Construction

For long-lasting case construction, the tried and true dovetail joint can’t be beat. Read More