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Joinery hints, tips, and tricks to help you build better projects.

Cut a Mortise on the Table Saw

Making mortises on your table saw is fast, easy, and accurate with the right approach. Read More

Box Joint Jig Helper

One of the challenges in cutting box joints at the table saw is seeing what's actually happening. Here's a clever … Read More

Dovetail Jig Secrets

All it takes to get great-looking, tight-fitting joints is spending a little time to dial in the proper setup. Read More

Super Strong Miters

A miter joint looks great but isn't the strongest option. But you can strengthen your miter joints with this easy … Read More

Biscuit Joinery Essentials

Solid, long-lasting joinery doesn't need to be complicated. A biscuit joiner simplifies the process. Learns the ins and outs for … Read More

Low-Cost Joinery Solution

Dowel joinery offers an easy, versatile way to build projects in a short amount of time. Here are two jig … Read More

All About Biscuit Joinery

A biscuit joiner is an all-in-one solution for building all kinds of projects. Take a look at what makes it … Read More

Perfect-Fitting Box Joints

In order to get snug-fitting box joints, you need to do some fine-tuning to your jig. Knowing what's wrong is … Read More

Two Ways to Cut Rabbets

Cutting this versatile joint on the table saw allows you to dial in perfect results quickly and easily. Here's a … Read More

Simple Table Saw Joinery

Box joints look great and have loads of strength. What's nice is that you can cut them with a simple … Read More

A Better Miter Joint

A mitered corner looks great but can be a challenge to glue up. Here's a unique way to ease assembly … Read More

Router Table Dovetails

Sliding dovetails are a strong, traditional technique for joining cases. Take a look at these tips for making snug-fitting tails. Read More

Sliding Dovetails Made Easy

Solid wood projects need rugged joinery to match. This clever router jig helps you cut accurate dovetail dadoes. Read More

Simplify Cabinet Joinery

This platform makes using your biscuit joiner a breeze. Read More

Easy Router Joinery

Build this router add-on for cutting accurate dadoes. Read More