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Joinery hints, tips, and tricks to help you build better projects.

Cutting Perfect Tenons

Master this table saw technique for creating rock-solid joinery. Read More

Tricks for Dead-On Dadoes

With the right setup, you'll cut perfect dadoes every time. Read More

Top Dovetail Jig Tricks

Find out how to get the best results with your router jig. Read More

Miters Made Easy

Turn a clamping accessory into an accurate miter sled. Read More

Easy Joinery for Outdoor Projects

Learn the secrets for building long-lasting projects. Read More

Dovetail Bit Details

Choose the right angle for the look you want. Read More

Time-Saving Joinery

A simple jig makes building projects a snap. Read More

Make a Mortise in a Minute

Here's how to create an accurate, smooth mortise. Read More

Don's Favorite Joinery Technique

A table saw technique for quick and easy frames. Read More

Rock-Solid Workbench Joinery

Common hardware creates a stout, long-lasting connection. Read More

Gap-Free Miter Joints

Use a router table to make perfect mitered boxes. Read More

Dowel Joinery Secret

A dead-on way to getting tight-fitting joints. Read More

Strong, Good-Looking Mitered Boxes

A simple router jig makes dovetailed splines easy. Read More

Miters Made Easy

Cut small pieces of molding safely and accurately. Read More

Quick and Easy Tenons on the Table Saw

Cut perfect tenons with a simple technique. Read More