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Table Saw

The table saw is front and center in most shops, and rightly so. This tool gives you ultimate control when it comes to building projects of all shapes and sizes.

Magnetic Pick Up Tool

Logan shares a quick way to retrieve lost nuts and flanges from the table saw cabinet. Read More

Dowel Tenon and Groover

Use this simple jig to easily groove and tenon a dowel at the table saw. Read More

Unifence Stop Block

Here's a handy aid for making repeatable cuts on the table saw. An adjustable stop block that works with your … Read More

Finding the Switch

In an emergency, you need to shut off your table saw quickly. That means you have to know where the … Read More

Easy Dado Setup

Setting up a box joint jig can often involve a lot of test cuts until the jig and dado blade … Read More

Drawer Slide Outrigger

It can be tough to support a long part while making cuts at the table saw. The solution involves a … Read More

Saw Blade Tubing Cutter

Inexpensive tubing provides a great way to protect the teeth on table saw blades. The only challenge is cutting the … Read More

Dentil Molding the Easy Way

A little time at the table saw and a simple jig is all it takes to make this traditional molding … Read More

Table Saw Featherboard

Improve the safety and accuracy while making rip cuts at the table saw with this shop-built accessory. Read More

Dual-Purpose Fence

Build this add-on fence to tackle routing tasks. Then use it for table saw work, too. Read More

Rip Fence Add-Ons

With a few accessories, make you table saw safer, more accurate, and even more useful. Read More

Table Saw Blade Guard

Glued up panels are used in many woodworking projects. Bryan and Phil share their experience in knowing when to remove … Read More

Table Saw Tape Shim

Knowing how to fine-tune a cut at the table saw is a necessary skill for making accurate cuts. Take a … Read More

Must-Have Table Saw Accessory

A dado blade opens up all kinds of possibilities for your table saw. Here's what you need to know to … Read More

Simple Jig for Thin Strips

Cutting smooth, consistent thin strips is a challenge. This handy push block makes the process safer and more accurate. Read More