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Table Saw

The table saw is front and center in most shops, and rightly so. This tool gives you ultimate control when it comes to building projects of all shapes and sizes.

Must-Have Table Saw Accessories

These simple shop-made jigs and accessories make work at the table saw safe, easy, and accurate. Read More

Table Saw Dust Control

One of the challenges with collecting dust at the table saw is all the openings in the saw cabinet. Here's … Read More

Set Up for Safe Ripping

Cutting hardwood to width is an ideal task for a table saw. And it's an essential skill to master. All … Read More

Table Saw Skillbuilder

Your table saw can do more than just cut parts to size. It's a versatile tool for cutting joinery. Take … Read More

Ripping Thin Strips

When it comes to ripping thin strips, your table saw is the best tool for the job. Take a look … Read More

Installing a Zero-Clearance Insert

A new insert for your table saw doesn't have a blade slot. Here's a safe, easy way to get the … Read More

Top-Notch Table Saw Cuts

Choosing the right blade is one part of making smooth table saw cuts. Another element is using a zero-clearance insert. … Read More

Accurate Crosscuts

It doesn't take much to get smooth, clean crosscuts at the table saw. Guarantee better results with these tips and … Read More

Customize an Insert

A shop-made zero-clearance insert can dramatically improve the results from your table saw. Here's how. Read More

Make a Zero-Clearance Insert

Upgrade your table saw without spending a lot of money. Make an insert to cut tearout-free miters and dadoes. Read More

Cutting Metal on the Table Saw

You can cut soft metals like brass and aluminum on the table saw. Find out some tricks to get smooth, … Read More

Rip Fence Upgrade

The rip fence on your table saw comes in handy for more than just cutting boards to width. Take a … Read More

Dead-On Dadoes

Keep track of your dado blade inserts for smooth cuts. Read More

Hassle Free Thin Strips

This unique push block makes cuts safe, easy and accurate, plus Don explaining the new-look eTips. Read More

Master the Miter

Here's a table saw add-on for making accurate miter cuts. Read More