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Essential Techniques

Learn these techniques to improve your woodworking skills.

Turning Firewood into a Beautiful, Live Edge Bowl

Watch as Logan saves a piece of Apple wood from the burn pile and turns it into a beautiful, live … Read More

Dead-On Stop Block

Precise cuts with your Miter Saw. Read More

Hinge Mortise Tips

Get tight and precise hinge mortises using these simple techniques. Read More

Installing Non-Mortise Hinges

Non-mortise hinges are a great choice for installing a door. Learn the hassle-free steps to perfect results. Read More

Secrets to Locating Hinges

Selecting top-quality butt hinges for your project is only half the battle. Placing them properly adds the professional touch. Read More

Techniques For Bending Wood: Bent Lamination

Adding curves to your designs is just a matter of using the right method for the project. Read More

Cock Beaded Drawers: How-To: Make Beaded Drawers

This age-old technique offers a refi ned look while showing off your craftsmanship. Read More

Working With Figured Woods

The eye-catching look of fi gured wood can really spice up a project. All it takes is a little extra … Read More

The Versatile Chamfer

The simple profile looks great and both enhances the design and limits the damage to your projects. Read More