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Orderly Board Sizing

By: Woodsmith staff
Squaring up stock is one of those tasks that it's easy to lose track of what work has been done on the pile of boards in front of you. Here's a perfectly easy way to keep track of the square ends of boards when sizing a lot of material for a project.

When I have a lot of workpieces to square up at the table saw, it can be time-consuming to stop and make reminder marks on each board after I make the cut. Plus, I have to sand them off later when I’m ready to apply the finish. So I found a quicker way.

I stack all the boards together and make a couple marks on both ends all at one time. Then I square one end on the saw. When it’s time to cut the boards to length, I immediately know which end has been squared and which end to cut to length.

Published: Sept., 21 2017
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