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Clamping & Gluing

These useful clamping and gluing tricks can help you avoid sticky situations.

Cheap Edge Clamps

Thin strips of wood easily conceal and protect the edges of plywood panels. The trick is clamping it for a … Read More

Shop-Made Bench Top Clamp

You can never have enough clamps, right? Of course not. Here's a simple shop-made version that works in tandem with … Read More

Assembly Helpers

Some shop-made helping hands work in tandem with the T-track in your fence to alleviate some assembly woes. Read More

Bench Vise Shims

Securing a workpiece on one side of the vise on your workbench can cause the jaws to deflect. This racking … Read More

Better Glue Dispenser

Assembly time can get hectic. One way to keep things on an even keel is to have a place for … Read More

Benchtop Clamping Solution

Holding large workpieces, like panels or shelves, on edge isn't always easy. And if you need to work on several … Read More

Bar Clamp Connectors

Quick-action, pistol-grip clamps are great additions to a shop. But they come in a limited range of sizes. Here's a … Read More

Squaring Jig

When you have a lot of panels to assemble here's an iron-clad solution for keeping all the parts square and … Read More

Preventing Vise Rack

Clamping a workpiece on one side of a face vise causes it to rack. The result is a poor grip. … Read More

Graph Paper Measuring

The challenge in using two-part epoxy is dispensing the correct amount of each component. The solution can be found in … Read More

Handy Epoxy Storage

Two-part epoxy is a great problem-solving finish. However over time, the components can turn thick and difficult to dispense. Here … Read More

Bench Vise Helper

The face vise on a workbench can rack out of alignment if parts are clamped on one side. Here's a … Read More

Dealing With Excess Glue

Glue squeezeout — it's going to happen. Here are afew tips and tricks that show you the best ways to … Read More

Measuring Epoxy

In order to get the strongest bond using two-part epoxy, you need to dispense just the right amount of each … Read More

Gluing Thick Panels

Gluing up layers of plywood with wood glue can be a challenge. Try another adhesive to speed up the process … Read More