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Clamping & Gluing

These useful clamping and gluing tricks can help you avoid sticky situations.

The Most Versatile Clamps

These century-old clamping tools still deserve a place in your shop. Learn a few practical uses for a set of … Read More

Molding Clamping Trick

Here's a smart solution for clamping molding in place without the risk of damaging the profile. Read More

Easy Clamping Station

In a short time, you can build a handy workcenter to simplify assembly tasks. Read More

Over Sized Clamp Grip

For some woodworkers, the small wood handles on bar clamps can be tough to grab securely. Phil shares a handy … Read More

Inexpensive Corner Clamps

Gluing up small projects presents challenges for getting clamps in place and keeping parts square. However, a some unexpected hardware … Read More

Handscrew Rack

Classic handscrews have so many uses around the shop. So you need a way to keep this versatile helpers close … Read More

Low-Cost Frame Clamp

A few scraps of wood and some common hardware combine to create a simple clamp to tame tricky glueups. Read More

Get More From Classic Clamps

Handscrew clamps are versatile problem solvers for any shop. The wood jaws are easy to customize to suit the task. … Read More

Pipe Clamp Tricks

Versatile and inexpensive, pipe clamps are a great solution for project assembly. Here's how to get the most out of … Read More

Gluing Box Joints

Follow a few simple steps to avoid glue squeezeout and eliminate the hassle of assembling box joints. Read More

Glue Cup & Brush Keeper

Keeping your work area organized goes a long way toward making project assembly easier. Take a look at this way … Read More

Hassle-Free Glueups

Assembling a project can be both exciting and nerve wracking. But if you use a few tricks and follow our … Read More

Jig for Square Assemblies

Gluing up a large case or face frame can be difficult. Making sure it's square only adds to the challenge. … Read More

Compact Clamping Station

It seems like you need another set of hands when gluing up a small project. This benchtop clamping center removes … Read More

A Smart Way to Glue Up Panels

Approaching panel glueups in a different way can save you time and effort and give you better results. Follow these … Read More