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Quick Tips Vol. 12

By: Erich Lage
A handful of little tips that keeps things organized and tidy in the shop.

Precise Epoxy Mixing.

W228 009f04 Bill Wells of Olympia, WA, uses two dedicated syringes (purchased from a local medical supply house) for storing his epoxy. This gives him precise control over the amount of hardener and resin needed. The syringes also keep things tidy and ready for future use.

Shop Vacuum Upgrade.

W228 008f04 Edward Wargo of Burlington, NJ, was tired of struggling with his vacuum nozzle sticking to the shop floor due to the suction. So he installed a set of shower door replacement wheels (photo below) that hold the nozzle just above the floor, yet still pick up all the sawdust. W228 008f05

Pet Collar Cord Keeper.

W228 008f03 To keep all his unruly extension cords in order, Dana Myers of Des Moines, IA, decided to employ an item rarely found in the shop, an old pet collar. As his puppy outgrew its collars, he used them as a binder and hanger for the extension cords.

Wandering Workmate Benchdogs.

W228 009f05 Dennis Rowe of Canoga Park, CA, uses his Workmate all around the house, as well as in the shop. But the Workmate dogs are light and easy to lose. W228 009f06 So he drilled a hole in each and used a beaded chain to keep them together and close at hand.

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Published: May 20, 2021
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