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In the Shop

Whether it’s a simple trick for holding a workpiece better, or a way to get a little more from your dust collector, we’ve gathered some of the best shop tips here.

Smart Phone Utility Case

Put your smart phone to work in the shop. This case will protect the phone while it's helping you set … Read More

Portable Tool Rack

Keep the tools you need most close at hand. These handy racks can be moved anywhere in the shop. Read More

Small Center-Finder

A small center-finder is handy to have around the shop. This one is easy to make and ensures success every … Read More

Versatile Roller Guide

I use a lot of thin stock in my projects. But it can be difficult to rip thin stock to … Read More

Handy Lathe Tool Holder

Here's an easy way to keep your turning tools safely close at hand while you work. It's easy to customize … Read More

5 Tapes for the Shop

You may not think of a roll of tape as a woodworking “tool,” but sometimes there’s just no substitute. Whether … Read More

Table Saw Infeed Table

This infeed support for your table saw helps control the upfront problem of cutting large sheets of plywood. Read More

End-Drilling Router Jig

For a project I was building, I had to drill a centered hole in the end of several 1⁄2" dowels. … Read More

Router Table Dust Hood

When using my router table, a hose from my dust collection system attached to my router table fence has always … Read More

T-Track Planing Stop

Here's a quick way to make some stops that work in tandem with the dog holes in your workbench. Read More

Mobile Base Chocks

These handy mobile base chocks keep your tools from moving during use. The rare-earth magnets recessed in the back face … Read More

Sandpaper Grit Reminder

Never forget which sandpaper grit is on your disc sander with these handy metal-rimmed key tags and hooks. A magnetic … Read More

Coping Saw Vise

The coping saw is unique in that the handle is parallel to the blade. Since it's a tool that isn't … Read More

Band Saw Fence

Resawing and ripping at the band saw has one set back — drift. This fence solves that problem in a … Read More

Enlarge a Hole

Like most woodworkers, I make the occasional mistake when working on a project. Some are easy enough to fix, while … Read More