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In the Shop

Whether it’s a simple trick for holding a workpiece better, or a way to get a little more from your dust collector, we’ve gathered some of the best shop tips here.

Simple One-Touch Dust Control Set Up

Here's a way to control dust with a flip of a switch that's not an expensive dust collection system. Read More

Shop-Made Threaded Knob

Finding the right size knob for a project at hand can often be the most difficult part however. Either the … Read More

Maintaining a Cast Iron Table Saw Top

My table saw sees a lot of use, and the cast iron top can start to show some wear and … Read More

Get Perfect Miters With a Shop-Made Shooting Board

This must-have jig allows you to take whisker-thin shavings off the end of a workpiece to fine-tune the fit of … Read More

Quick Tips Vol. 6

Little tid bits that help around the shop. Read More

Building a Cordless Drill Charging Station

It’s not uncommon for a woodworker to own two or three different cordless drills, plus various other power tools. And … Read More

Portable Tool Mounts

Here's an easy way to make your table saw do double-duty. That metal tube your rip fence rides on is … Read More

Building the Ultimate Woodworking Drill Press Table

An adjustable fence, versatile clamping options, and a built-in dust collection system make this table a great upgrade. Read More

Quick Tips Vol. 4

Three tips to make your time in the shop easier and more enjoyable. Read More

Woodworking Tip: Drilling Centered Holes in Dowels

Drilling the center of a dowel can be a head-scratcher. Not only is drilling in the center an obstacle but … Read More

Handscrew Caddy

Handscrews are a valuable tool in the shop. This is an easy way to both store them, and have them … Read More

Tips for Installing Bed Rail Hardware

The hardware used to join bed rails to head boards and foot boards needs to be create solid assembly, and … Read More

Sheet Goods Holder

This jig partners with your workmate to make cutting plywood easy. Read More

3 Quick Tips

Little tips that you'll find handy around the shop. Read More

Drawer-Slide Tool Mount

An easy way to control counter space in your shop Read More