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In the Shop

Whether it’s a simple trick for holding a workpiece better, or a way to get a little more from your dust collector, we’ve gathered some of the best shop tips here.

Quick Tips Vol. 4

Three tips to make your time in the shop easier and more enjoyable. Read More

Woodworking Tip: Drilling Centered Holes in Dowels

Drilling the center of a dowel can be a head-scratcher. Not only is drilling in the center an obstacle but … Read More

Handscrew Caddy

Handscrews are a valuable tool in the shop. This is an easy way to both store them, and have them … Read More

Tips for Installing Bed Rail Hardware

The hardware used to join bed rails to head boards and foot boards needs to be create solid assembly, and … Read More

Sheet Goods Holder

This jig partners with your workmate to make cutting plywood easy. Read More

3 Quick Tips

Little tips that you'll find handy around the shop. Read More

Drawer-Slide Tool Mount

An easy way to control counter space in your shop Read More

Modify Your Combination Square for Better Project Layout

By filing a small notch in the end of your combination square's blade, you can create a place for your … Read More

Quick Tips — Some Little Gems

A couple of tips that are nice to use in the shop. Read More

Quick Tips — Plywood Solutions

Two ways to work with plywood. Read More

Shop Vacuum Hose Organizer

This plywood holder holds vacuum hose, electrical cords, and even air hoses. Read More

Hideaway Overhead Storage

A safe home for small pieces that are waiting to be used in a future project. Read More

Desk Bowl — 50 Vessels, 50 Weeks

A carved organizer keeps office work necessities close at hand. Read More

Quick Tips — Simple Fixes

Three simple things that make life in the shop better. Read More

Great Gear: First Look at the Shaper Origin

A first look at the Shaper Origin - A handheld CNC that can do everything a conventional CNC can do! Read More