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Fine-Tune Miter Sled

By: Erich Lage
This Jig Let's you cut Pesky Angles Quickly, Accurately, and Safely

sled 01 Whenever I build a project that requires precise angles, the setup and fine-tuning of the blade angle can be a pain, so I built this table saw sled. It allows me to leave my blade set at 90° and still cut 18-24° miters on the end of workpieces. The range of miter angles can be extended with different angled support blocks. sled 03 Adjustable platen. The heart of the miter jig is an adjustable platen that’s attached to a base with a continuous hinge. The base has a pair of support blocks and a hardwood runner. To lock the platen in place, the support blocks each have two bolts. One bolt is used to adjust the angle of the platen and another going the opposite direction locks the platen in place. To register the workpiece and hold it securely, I added a cleat to one edge and a hold-down to clamp the workpiece in position.

Setting the angle. To cut a miter, leave the saw blade set at 90°. Then loosen the jam bolts, and adjust the angle of the platen using the adjustment bolts on the backside. Once the angle is set and verified with a digital angle gauge, tighten the lock bolts back down. You can see these steps in the photos below. If any adjustments are needed to the angle of the cut, you can tweak it with the adjustment bolts in back.

How-To: Set The Angle

sled 06 Adjust Angle. Set the position of the platen by turning the two adjustment bolts on the backside of the sled. sled 07 Lock it Down. First, verifying the angle of the platen with a digital angle guide. sled 07a Then lock the platen in place by tightening the jam bolts.

Published: Jan. 19, 2023
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