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Shop-Made Fold-Away Router Table

By: Erich Lage
An easy way to have a router table and shop space as well.

W237 006f01 In my shop, floor space is always at a premium. One day, I had the idea to build a router top for my Workmate to help save on real estate. w237 006a01 Top construction. I built the top of the router table using two layers of 3⁄4" plywood. This ensured that the top was sturdy and it wouldn’t warp over time. Instead of attaching the router to the top, I chose to cut an opening for a router insert plate. This allows me to remove the router and plate for storage. w237 006a01 d01 To make the fence, I simply connected strips of plywood with screws and added some supports to keep the fence square. A notch in both the fence base and the fence provides an opening for the router bit. A clamp on each end holds the fence to the table (main photo). w237 006a01 d02 Foldable base. To grip the top in the Workmate base, I attached a pair of clamp blocks wider than my router on the underside of the top. When I’m done working with the router top, I pull the insert out and store it in the cabinet. The top can be hung on a wall using a pair of holes drilled to match stud spacing. The Workmate can then be folded for storage.

Published: Aug. 25, 2022
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