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The router is perhaps the most versatile of any woodworking tool. You can use it to do everything from shaping simple edge profiles to cutting complex joinery.

7 Tips For Routing Perfect Edge Profiles

Seven Steps to making perfect edge profiles at your router table. Read More

A Precision Router Dado Jig For Cleaner Dadoes

You can make precise dadoes, grooves, and rabbets every time with a jig that requires a minimal amount of set-up. Read More

Replaceable-Insert Router Bits

Tired of sharpening or throwing away router bits when they get dull? Amana’s new line offers an innovative solution to … Read More

Easy Edge Trimming

I prefer to put the edging on my plywood cabinets after they’re all assembled and then trim it flush with … Read More

Multi-Base Compact Routers

Packing more features into small routers proves that bigger isn’t always better. Read More

Complementary Template Routing

This outside-the-box routing technique provides a foolproof way to create a seamless joint along a curved line. Read More

Surfacing Stock By Router Planing

When faced with the task of flattening a wide, twisted, bowed, or warped workpiece, a router and a simple jig … Read More

A Look At Spiral Flute Router Bits

Offering fast, smooth, tear-out free cuts, these unique bits definitely deserve a spot on your router bit roster. Read More

Perfect Grooves With Template Routing

All you need are a template and a guide bushing for smooth, accurate curved grooves. Read More

Router Table Dust Collection

Your router table can produce clouds of dust and mountains of chips in a hurry. Here are a few ways … Read More

5 Favorite Router Accessories

You might be surprised to find out how a few inexpensive items can make your routing tasks easier, safer, and … Read More

Using Big Bits For Router Table Molding

Get ornate. professional-quality moldings from the router table. Here's how to do the job. Read More

Foolproof Fluting Jigs

Creating perfectly spaced flutes on workpieces for a project is easy with your router and these handy jigs. Read More

Precision Rotary Tool Routing

Turning your rotary tool into a precision router for small, intricate work is just a matter of adding a stable … Read More

5 Tips For Taming Router Table Tearout

Tearout on the router table shouldn't be something you have to live with. Here are a few simple steps you … Read More