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The router is perhaps the most versatile of any woodworking tool. You can use it to do everything from shaping simple edge profiles to cutting complex joinery.

Foolproof Fluting Jigs

Creating perfectly spaced flutes on workpieces for a project is easy with your router and these handy jigs. Read More

Precision Rotary Tool Routing

Turning your rotary tool into a precision router for small, intricate work is just a matter of adding a stable … Read More

5 Tips For Taming Router Table Tearout

Tearout on the router table shouldn't be something you have to live with. Here are a few simple steps you … Read More

Making & Using Router Templates

When it comes to making odd-shaped or identical parts for your projects, a router and a template will help you … Read More

Shop-Made Threading Jig

There are a variety of commercial wood threading kits available, but they can be pricey and don’t offer a way … Read More

Time-Saving Router Bit Setup

Setting up router bits can be a little tricky and time consuming... By creating some simple setup blocks you can … Read More

Router Table Fence Micro-Adjuster

This handy little jig lets you dial in the position of your router table fence. It's a simple build that … Read More

Bit Bearing Changing Jig

This little gem holds your router bits in place while you change out the bearing. Read More

Router Dust Collection Hood

Anything that can be done to save clean up time at the end of the day is a good thing … Read More

How to Make a Router Trammel for Perfect Circles

Phil Huber shows you how easy it is to make this circle-cutting jig for your router. Read More

Protecting Your Router Bits

Router bits are expensive. The last thing you want is to pull one out of storage and find that it … Read More

Burn-Free Routed Profiles

Phil shows a quick and easy solution to get crisp, clean profiles without burning on your router table. Read More

Shop-Made Auxiliary Router Bases

Chris Fitch shows the features and benefits of three shop-made jigs that you can't (or wont want to) live without. Read More

Portable Router Table

A router table helps you get the most from your router. But that doesn't mean you need one set up … Read More

Circular Router Guide

A router table simplifies all kinds of tasks. And with a good jig, you can make the process accurate and … Read More