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In the Shop

Whether it’s a simple trick for holding a workpiece better, or a way to get a little more from your dust collector, we’ve gathered some of the best shop tips here.

Cutting Thick Parts

Here's an Iron-clad way to make smooth, square cuts in large, thick panels. Read More

Our Favorite Supplies For Hauling Lumber

There's more to buying wood for your next project than jumping in the car and heading to the lumberyard. You … Read More

Swing Arm Sheet Goods Lift

Hoisting full sheets of plywood is no fun. Here's a little addition to a knock-down cutting table that works wonders. Read More

Vacuum Stabilizing Wood

Things get interesting any time you combine woodworking and chemistry, so recently Logan experimented with vacuum stabilizing wood with acrylic … Read More

Stay Organized with a Shop Valet

There are a few items you almost always need when starting your shop time. Building this small organizer helps you … Read More

Overhead Fan Mount

Cool your shop with this easy to make and very flexible ceiling fan. Read More

Get More Out of Your Router With This Jig

No room for a jointer? You can convert your hand-held router into a precision tool that creates perfect edges for … Read More

Supporting Long Boards in a Face Vise

Handscrew clamps may be a little old fashion, but they are one of the most versatile clamps you can have … Read More

Mortising Machine Clamp

Using a mortising machine can feel a bit like a rough ride in a rodeo at times. This shop-made clamp … Read More

Easy Arts & Crafts Details at the Table Saw

You can use your table saw to create distinctive Arts & Crafts details. In this video, Phil Huber shows how … Read More

Top Measuring Tips for Woodworkers

The tape measure and steel rule are the fundamental measuring tools for every project in my shop. And using them … Read More

PVC Outfeed Roller

An all-purpose shop cart works as a trusty sidekick. Here's a way to get even more use out of it … Read More

Turn Your Angle Grinder Into a Shop-Built Chop Saw

Take the mundane task of cutting metal with a hacksaw and turn it in to a fun, easy process by … Read More

Sliding Featherboard

How about having a featherboard that you can use just about anywhere? Boom. Wish granted. Read More

Better Planer Measurement

Attaching a board to a sled makes planing thin stock easier and gives you better results. The only problem is … Read More