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In the Shop

Whether it’s a simple trick for holding a workpiece better, or a way to get a little more from your dust collector, we’ve gathered some of the best shop tips here.

Enlarge a Hole

Like most woodworkers, I make the occasional mistake when working on a project. Some are easy enough to fix, while … Read More

Rotary Tool Base

A rotary tool is a great tool to have around for all sorts of reasons. Building this base makes it … Read More

Drilling Large Holes

A clever way to avoid burning your drill bits or the workpiece that you're drilling. Make the hole in two … Read More

Outfeed Table

If you need a quick set up for some outfeed support at your table saw this tip is for you. … Read More

Applying Plastic Laminate

These guidelines will give you the confidence to tackle the job of applying plastic laminate. These methods have worked for … Read More

Auxiliary Top

Maximize the working area in your shop by adding an additional worksurface to your router table top. Read More

Shop-Made Shelf Standards

These shelf standard are a notch above the steel versions that inspired them. They offer the same flexibility as their … Read More

Ripping at the Band Saw

Ripping a board is done at the table saw most of the time, but it doesn't have to always be … Read More

Table Saw Switch Cover

Make a simple, safe way to operate your table saw. This switch cover allows you to turn off your saw … Read More

Shop Apron Upgrade

A clever way to quickly hold your apron in place. Read More

Panel Saw

A garage shop doesn't leave you with a lot of room for working with large sheets of plywood. Here's a … Read More

Small Parts Tray

Each of my tools in the shop have accessories that I use all the time. Here's a simple way to … Read More

Shop-Made Fence

Being able to bury a saw blade in an auxiliary fence lets you streamline your workflow. Here's an easy way … Read More

Interchangeable Workstations

Often having a small shop means shuffling tools on and off your workbench. This platform lets you do that and … Read More

One-Touch Dust Control

Turning on your vacuum and tools at the same time has never been easier. A power strip is all that's … Read More