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In the Shop

Whether it’s a simple trick for holding a workpiece better, or a way to get a little more from your dust collector, we’ve gathered some of the best shop tips here.

Quick, Square Cuts

This quick tip will help you get 90 degree cuts at the band saw without taking the time to mark … Read More

Cutting Plastic Laminate Safely at the Table Saw

Here is a quick tip for easily breaking down plastic laminate at the table saw safer and with better results. Read More

Hobo Stew Vol. 2

Some Handy Tips that You can Throw in the Pot and Keep on Simmer Until Needed. Read More

Leveling Casters

Here's a Fix for that Wobbly Router Table. Or any Shop Workstation for that Matter. Read More

Bungee Cord Vacuum Hose Holder

Here is a quick solution to keep your dust collection hose close-at-hand for easy benchtop cleanup. Read More

Quick Tips Vol. 17

Some little tips that will prove handy in any shop. Read More

Woodworking Tip: Attaching Patterns

Using spray adhesive to attach paper patterns to your workpieces is a quick and easy solution, but can leave you … Read More

Vise Racking Resolved

Here's an easy way to tackle the age-old problem of your vise racking when working on small pieces. Read More

Quick Tips Vol. 16

There's nothing spooky about some shop tricks and treats to enjoy on a nice autumn day. Read More

Hobo Stew Vol. 1

When you combine these shop tip hors d' oeuvres into a pot you'll get a surprisingly yummy and nutritious meal … Read More

Square Assembly Station

This addition to your workbench makes the task of assembling frames square a breeze. Read More

Anchor Bolt Storage Rack

Don't be so quick to toss leftover building materials like the anchor bolts you see here. They can have a … Read More

Quick Tips Vol. 15

Here's a handful of ideas that are useful in any shop. Read More

Convert an Old Grill Into a Shop Cart!

Trash to treasure... If you’re throwing out an old grill, or (in my case) if you found one on the … Read More

Quick Tips Vol. 14

Just some ideas that you can use to make life easier in the shop. Read More