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Quick Tips Volume 34

By: Erich Lage & Logan Wittmer
You'll Find These Tips Are Gems That You'll Use In Your Shop.

Chamfering Edges.

10 19 a 01 Jared Huber of Appleton, WI, found a new use for his card scraper sharpener guide. Jared realized that the 45° fence on the guide was the perfect tool to chamfer the edges of thin parts. 10 19 a 03 The file leaves a smooth surface and the fence on the guide creates a consistent chamfer.

Push Pop Beeswax.

10 19 b 01 Keven Bell of Jasper, MO, uses beeswax in a lot of different ways. He lubricates screws, uses it as a finish, and even waxes his plane soles with it (photo below). 10 19 b 03

Wrap Your Clamp.

10 19 c 01 Beth Reik of Godley, TX, got tired of cleaning dried glue off her pipe clamps. After trying a few options, Beth found that cling wrap was the perfect protection for her clamps. The cling wrap is easy to apply and when it gets glue on it, it’s quick to remove. Now, Beth always has clean pipe clamps for her projects.

Cheap Setup Blocks.

10 19 d 01 Adam Lane of Dickson, OR, was at the hardware store and found that keyway stock sold for machinery was ideal for using as setup blocks. It comes in a variety of sizes (often sold in short pieces) and costs only a couple of bucks a piece. Now, he has a tin of them on hand for setting up machinery.

Published: Oct. 19, 2023
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