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Quick Tips Vol. 35

By: Erich Lage & Logan Wittmer
Some Tips That Make Life Better In The Shop.

Quick Reference Clamps.

12 21 01 Dennis Volz of Denver, CO uses a highly visible oil paint pen to mark all of his clamps with the maximum sizes they can hold. Not only does Dennis mark the maximum width of the jaws, but he also marks the maximum depth as well (photo below). 12 21 02b Now, when he reaches for a clamp, he’s sure that it will fit the job at hand.

Brush Saver.

12 21 03 Manus Cline of Grinnell, IA uses a trick to keep his brushes from drying out while applying finish. He uses a silicone popsicle mold to hold foam brushes. 12 21 05 After applying finish, Manus can put the used brush into the tube and seal it. Then, when he needs to apply another coat, he simply pulls the brush out and it’s ready to use.

Sizing Peg Hooks.

12 21 07 Peter Geschwindner of Milton, PA discovered that rubber tubing slipped over the back of a pegboard hook was the perfect solution for making them fit in larger pegboard holes. 12 21 09

Dust Free Bins.

12 21 10 Henry Wittmer of Runnells, IA drills small holes in the bottom of hardware bins. Now, he can shake the bin over the trash to remove the dust and leave clean hardware. 12 21 12

Published: Dec. 21, 2023
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