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In the Shop

Whether it’s a simple trick for holding a workpiece better, or a way to get a little more from your dust collector, we’ve gathered some of the best shop tips here.

How to Prevent Your Tools from Rusting

It doesn’t take long for rust to get a foothold on your tools. But protecting your tools from rust is … Read More

Slip-on Vise Faces

A cast iron bench vise is a great add-on for securing a workpiece to your bench. The downside is the … Read More

Plywood Cutting Grid

Plywood is a great solution for creating large panels for all kinds of projects. The downside is the large, heavy … Read More

Low-Cost Lumber

With a little planning and work, you can build great-looking projects using dimensional lumber from the home center. Read More

Turn Down the Noise

When it comes to working with power tools, noise is a fact of life. Here are a few simple solutions … Read More

Plywood Lift

Getting a large sheet of plywood into place for cutting often requires help. This handy helper is always ready to … Read More

Shop-Made Pull

Want a new look for your shop cabinets and projects? With just a little time and some scrap wood, you … Read More

Plywood Carrying Tote

Don't struggle with a large, heavy piece of plywood. To get a better grip and make it easier to move, … Read More

Outfeed Roller Support Brace

Outfeed rollers provide great support but aren’t always that stable. This simple brace is the key to creating a rock-solid … Read More

Layout Tricks for Drawers

In addition to snug-fitting joinery and smoother operation, drawers present a few unique challenges. Learn some tips for using a … Read More

Jig Saw Secrets

A jig saw is a versatile tool for cutting all kinds of materials. But it has a reputation for making … Read More

Working with Plastic

Whether it's for jigs and fixtures or a substitute for glass, plastic is a useful shop material. Get professional results … Read More

Problem-Solving Hardware

Threaded inserts are must-have items for building jigs and fixtures as well as connecting furniture components. Here's how to install … Read More

Handy Pegboard Projects

Most likely, you have a pegboard storage rack somewhere. But there's more to this versatile material. Here are four new … Read More

Simple Steps for Perfect Parts

One of the first steps in any project is cutting parts to size. Here are a few ways to get … Read More