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Band Saw Fence

By: Woodsmith staff
Resawing and ripping at the band saw has one set back — drift. This fence solves that problem in a simple, solid, way.

It seems that no matter how well I tune up my band saw, I occasionally have to fight drift when ripping or resawing. The blade tends to wander off the cut line. To correct for blade drift, the angle of the band saw fence shown here can be adjusted.

These drawings show how it goes together. I started by fastening aluminum angle rails to the saw’s table. I made an extension to fill in the space between the table and riser. The fence consists of a base, braces, clamps, and a face. The base has a pair of dadoes used to locate and secure the clamps.

A pair of braces support the face of the fence. They’re attached with screws. The clamps are made from two layers of plywood as shown here and the previous drawing. They’re fastened with knobs and threaded inserts. Finally, glue the face to the base. Slide the fence over the rails and tighten the clamps. It can be skewed to account for blade drift.

Published: Sept., 27 2018
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