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In the Shop

Whether it’s a simple trick for holding a workpiece better, or a way to get a little more from your dust collector, we’ve gathered some of the best shop tips here.

Easy Veneered Panels

Veneer enhances the look of many projects. Creating small panels is simple if you follow this straightforward technique. Read More

Handy Dust Control Solutions

Some materials and woodworking tasks can generate clouds of dust. Keep the dust out the air and off the floor … Read More

Easy-To-Make Tapers

Three simple steps — that's all it takes to get smooth tapers with a band saw. Find out how you … Read More

Two Ways to Trim Edging

Hardwood edging is a must for concealing and protecting the edges of plywood panels. Here are a couple of great … Read More

Bench Dog Drilling Guide

Adding bench dog holes makes any worksurface more versatile. Here's a simple way to get consistent, accurate holes. Read More

Better-Looking Projects

Building with hardwood plywood is a great way to get large panels without spending a lot. Here are some tips … Read More

A Great-Looking Solid Wood Top

Learn what it takes to make and install a solid wood top. The trick is paying attention to a few … Read More

Low-Tech Bench Add-On

You can do better work if the piece you're working on is held securely. Trouble is clamps can sometimes get … Read More

Tricks for Identical Parts

While building a project, chances are you'll need to make several identical parts — even on a small project. You … Read More

Workshop Reminders

In my shop, there are usually a few things in the works at the same time. Careful marking and keeping … Read More

Hands-Free Bench Stop

Here's a simple hardware solution to secure a workpiece. Read More

Stop Hole Saw Burning

You won't believe what prevents burn marks. Read More

Jig Saw Table

Use your jig saw for cutting small parts safely and accurately. Read More

Moving Plywood Made Easy

This back-saving carrier makes moving plywood a breeze. Read More

Easy Threaded Insert Installation Jig

This shop-made jig takes the hassle out of threaded inserts. Read More