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Drill Press

The drill press, large or small, is one of the essential tools of a well supplied shop. Here's some ideas to make the tool even better.

Folding Bit Organizer

It doesn't take long to accumulate a large assortment of drill bits. The challenge is keeping them protected, organized, and … Read More

Drill Press Angle Jig

Drilling angled holes at the drill press can be a hassle. Instead of angling your drill press table, add on … Read More

A Better Drill Press Table

Even a small, benchtop drill press is a great upgrade for your shop. One way to get even more out … Read More

Drill Press Checkup

There's no doubt a drill press can make short work of drilling holes accurately. The catch is that your drill … Read More

Creating Perfect Holes

Here's a foolproof way to set up a circle cutter in a drill press. Read More

Tough Drilling Made Easy

Here's an easy way to drill accurate holes in round stock. Read More

Low-Cost Drill Press Upgrade

Add a stop block to your fence for increased accuracy. Read More

Must Have Drill Press Jig

An easy-to-make jig for drilling end grain. Read More

Drill Press Jig for Long Parts

A simple, accurate fence for end grain holes. Read More

Dust-Free Sanding Table

This handy drill press add-on makes it easy to smooth curves. Read More

Hole Saw Helper

Learn a simple trick to make a hole larger. Read More

Precision Drill Press Fence

A Simple Fence Makes it Easy to Drill Evenly Spaced Holes Every Time Read More

Drill Press Tune-Up

Here's a Quick Test to See if Your Drill Press is Set Up Right. Read More

Drilling a Hole in a Round Object

Drill perfect holes in a round workpiece, every time. Read More