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Drill Press

The drill press, large or small, is one of the essential tools of a well supplied shop. Here's some ideas to make the tool even better.

Drum Sander Dust Shield

A drum sander in a drill press is about the best dust making tool in a shop. With this simple … Read More

Drill Press Sander

One challenge of working with small parts is fine-tuning the size safely and accurately. Take a look at this clever … Read More

Air Power — Eliminate Dust & Chips

This portable accessory improves safety, visibiliy, and accuracy while you use common power tools. Read More

Handy Drill Press Holddowns

One key of drilling smooth accurate holes is keeping the workpiece secure during the process. This pair of shop-made hold-downs … Read More

Get Better Results Drilling Metal

Whether it's drilling holes or cutting threads in metal, find out how to get the cleanest results. Read More

Folding Bit Organizer

It doesn't take long to accumulate a large assortment of drill bits. The challenge is keeping them protected, organized, and … Read More

Drill Press Angle Jig

Drilling angled holes at the drill press can be a hassle. Instead of angling your drill press table, add on … Read More

A Better Drill Press Table

Even a small, benchtop drill press is a great upgrade for your shop. One way to get even more out … Read More

Drill Press Checkup

There's no doubt a drill press can make short work of drilling holes accurately. The catch is that your drill … Read More

Creating Perfect Holes

Here's a foolproof way to set up a circle cutter in a drill press. Read More

Tough Drilling Made Easy

Here's an easy way to drill accurate holes in round stock. Read More

Low-Cost Drill Press Upgrade

Add a stop block to your fence for increased accuracy. Read More

Must Have Drill Press Jig

An easy-to-make jig for drilling end grain. Read More

Drill Press Jig for Long Parts

A simple, accurate fence for end grain holes. Read More

Dust-Free Sanding Table

This handy drill press add-on makes it easy to smooth curves. Read More