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Upgrade Your Drill Press Table

By: John Doyle
Building a table and fence for your drill press makes it easier and safer to support a large workpiece. But the auxiliary table can get in the way of the height adjustment crank. This table gives you easier access with some clever hardware solutions.

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Adding an auxiliary table to a drill press is a surefire way to improve its capabilities. An increased work area, a precision fence, and a replaceable insert are just some of the benefits. All of these features are standard on the drill press table you see above.

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But what makes this table different is actually underneath. Instead of the hassle and challenge of having to reach behind and below the table to access the locking lever and the height adjustment crank, I’ve made a few changes and repositioned them for better access. A steel rod with a handle extends the locking shaft to the side, where a half turn locks (or unlocks) the table.

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And a second shaft, along with a pair of miter gears, repositions the height adjustment handle to the front of the table. This way, making an adjustment to the height of the table is a quick and hassle-free process.

Published: Dec. 12, 2019
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