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Shop-Made Unifence Stop Block

By: Erich Lage
Here's a handy little block that will let you fine-tune and save your table saws rip fence location.

w211 004f01 Making consistent, repeatable cuts on the table saw is simple using a rip fence. But recently, while making stiles and rails for some frame and panel doors, I found it challenging to return the table saw fence to the exact same position after moving it to make some crosscuts with my miter gauge. To solve this problem, I came up with a stop block that attaches to my Unifence rail, as shown in the main photo above. The stop block allows me to return my table saw fence to an exact location to continue ripping stock. w211 004a01 The stop block consists of two main pieces, a runner and a stop block. The runner is just a rectangular blank sized to slide in the front channel of the Unifence rail. A counterbored hole drilled in the middle of the runner accepts a carriage bolt. The stop block has two rabbets cut on the back face to fit the slot in the fence rail. A hole drilled in the middle allows the carriage bolt to pass through. A washer and knob secure the two parts. One end of the stop block features a threaded insert that accepts a bolt and nut. This allows me to make micro-adjustments to the fence position. w211 004a01 d01 The stop block will glide easily in the channel if you apply beeswax to the rabbets on the stop block and runner.

Published: March 4, 2021
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