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Routing Perfect Parts

By: Woodsmith staff
Simple add-ons all it takes to rout small parts safely and accurately on your router table.

There are a couple of ways to modify your router table to better deal with small parts. Here you have a couple of goals. The first is to minimize any openings where a piece can shift. The second is to create a smooth surface for the workpiece to ride along without catching. I start with the router table fence. If your fence has adjustable faces, the simplest solution is to position them as close to the bit as possible. However, for fences with a fixed bit opening, you need to find another solution. I attached an auxiliary hardboard face with double-sided tape.

The fence has a pre-cut notch to accommodate the bearing on the bit. Then to create a zero-clearance opening, simply pivot the fence into the spinning bit. Since only a small part of the bit is exposed, the workpiece will always be fully supported.

Many times, adding an auxiliary fence is enough. But you can also create a smooth, seamless tabletop and eliminate any gaps here as well. After positioning the fence, I clamp a larger piece of hardboard to the tabletop tight against the fence.

The spinning bit will create a small, perfect-fitting notch. Now you have a customized setup that’s safe and accurate. Finally, it’s a good idea to use a push pad to guide the workpiece. These solutions take the hassle out of routing small parts. And they let you concentrate on getting smooth, crisp profiles and tight-fitting joints.

Published: June, 22 2017
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