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Routing Grooves Easily

By: Woodsmith staff
Your router table is a versatile tool for creating all kinds of joinery. Find out how to create smooth, crisp grooves safely and accurately.

When it comes to making snug-fitting grooves, I only have two requirements: The groove must be sized accurately and the edges should be crisp and square. Many times, I turn to the router table to get the job done. The main reason is even an ordinary straight bit will give you a crisp, flat-bottomed groove. Here are some essential tips for getting top-notch results. To prevent catches, make sure your fence face is flat and smooth.

A featherboard is a good way to improve control and get consistent cuts. The trouble is knowing where to set them up. Here are two quick tips. A featherboard attached to the fence prevents a wide board from riding over the bit. To rout a groove with a workpiece standing on edge, I set attach the featherboard to the table to press a workpiece tightly against the fence.

A round router bit makes setting the bit height and fence a little tricky. A height gauge and setup blocks (inset) work best to precisely set the bit and fence.

Controlling small or narrow parts can be a challenge. A notched push block like this keeps your hands safe and holds the workpiece down, too.

Published: April, 16 2015
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