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Router Table Fence Micro-Adjuster

By: Logan Wittmer
This handy little jig lets you dial in the position of your router table fence. It's a simple build that you will find is well worth the modest amount of time it takes to make.

I needed a simple, but effective, way to finely adjust my router fence and still be able to return it to its original position. This fixture gives me the precise fence adjustment that I need. To use the micro-adjuster, roughly position the fence and tighten the knob to lock the body. Turn the adjustment wheel to precisely position the fence as needed. The stop bolt allows you to return the fence to its original, starting position, if that becomes necessary later.

s138 004f01

The wood parts for the body and fence block are small. So to safely cut these, start with oversize blanks. I laid out and cut the notches and rabbets, and then drilled the holes for the threaded inserts and bushings. Then I cut the parts to final size. (You may need to adjust the dimensions and hole locations to suit your fence and table.) I cut out the adjustment wheel with a hole saw and installed a threaded insert into the center after enlarging the hole. The wheel assembly is screwed onto the threaded rod which is inserted through two nylon bushings in the body.

S138 004a01

Another threaded insert is used for the stop bolt and a jam nut locks it in place (top view). The body is clamped to the table with a flange bolt and a star knob. If your table doesn’t have a slot or a T-track for the fence, a simple C-clamp will hold the adjuster in place. The fence block may also have to be modified to suit your particular fence. It should be located so the hole for the threaded rod lines up with the hole in the body. Two lock nuts are tightened against the block so the rod doesn’t spin. It can be attached to the fence with machine screws and wing nuts or just screwed in place.

S138 004a02

Published: May 30, 2019
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