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Quick Tips Vol. 26

By: Erich Lage
Here are some Handy and Helpful Tips that make Life Better in the Shop.

Junk Mail Spreader.

b1 Dennis Volz of Denver, CO, saves old gift cards and promotional cards out of his junk mail to use as glue spreaders. b2 To dress up the edge for even glue spreading, he uses a pair of pinking shears to cut a serrated edge on the cards.

Don’t Lose Drivers.

b3 Lou LaFrate of Vail, AZ, was frustrated when he had to keep searching for the correct driver every time he picked up a box of fasteners. b4 Now, Lou has started storing the drivers in a small container within the box of fasteners. That way, the correct driver is always close at hand.

Rack Helper.

b5 Dana Meyers of Des Moines, IA, uses a large hose clamp to tighten up the rack on his drill press. b6 By attaching the clamp in the middle of the rack, it tightens down the distorted rack and keeps it from spinning or slipping when he moves his table.

Magnetic Pick-Up Tool.

b7 Eugene Sydor of Walworth, NY, found that he was often dropping the nut and flange from his table saw into the cabinet. To ease the struggle of fishing them from the pile of sawdust, he uses a rare-earth magnet attached to the end of a dowel.

Published: Dec. 7, 2022
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