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Jointer Push Pad Storage

By: Erich Lage
Push pads for your planer are a must. Here's a tray that keeps them close at hand.

w218 008f01 A good set of push pads is a must-have safety item when using a jointer. And the jointer bed seems like the logical place to store them. That is, until you walk over to your jointer, with board in hand, and realize the push pads are right in the way of where you need to set the workpiece. Well, this handy, easy-to-mount tray solves that problem while keeping the push pads at the ready. w218 008a01 As shown here, the push pad tray is constructed from plywood. The front, back, and end pieces all have a groove along their inside edge. This groove holds the plywood bottom panel. The back and front pieces also receive a rabbet along their ends. These rabbets interlock with the end pieces to make a sturdy tray. I also rounded over the ends of the front piece to keep from snagging my shop apron. w218 008f02 I drilled a couple shallow holes in the back of the tray to recess two rare-earth magnets and cups. These are more than enough to hold the tray to the jointer. The tray then goes together with a little glue at the corners and in the groove.

Published: Jan. 2, 2020
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