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3's a Crowd... Unless it's Tools

By: Phil Huber
Woodsmith Shop Season 16 Episode 3: Three Shop-Made Hand Tools

Chris, Logan, and I each build a hand tool that not only works hard, but also teaches some valuable woodworking lessons along the way.

If you’ve been involved in woodworking for any length of time, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the tools that are available. The choices dizzy the imagination — so why make your own tools?

There are three reasons I make my own tools. First, you can make a custom tool that suits the types of projects you build and the way you work. Making tools gives you the chance to learn and practice skills that you apply to furniture projects. Finally, you can save some money by making the tools you need.

One common thread linking the tools we made on this episode is the use of metal. Brass and aluminum add durability and beauty to the tools. These materials are also soft enough to work with hand tools and with the machines found in many woodworking shops. A little practice making these tools and you’ll no doubt find it easier to make and modify hardware for your other projects.

Watch the Episode: If the Woodsmith Shop isn’t on in your area, contact your local public television station. Or stream it here.

Download the Plan for this episode.

1603 SetupGaugeVideo

Bonus Materials

A 6" ruler is a must-have for woodworking. Here’s an easy-to-read precision setup gauge that incorporates the rule and simplifies work at your table saw, router, drill press and more. 1603 HandPlanePlan A simple design and a unique method of securing the blade makes building this hand plane an easy alternative to a traditional wood plane. And you can make it in a weekend!

Published: Jan. 24, 2023
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