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Time for Tips

By: Phil Huber
Woodsmith Shop Season 16 Episodes 12 & 13

E1612 Clocks

Watch Episode 12 | Download the Plan

One of the traditions we’ve adopted on the show over the last few seasons is to take a theme and each of us (Phil, Chris, & Logan) to build a small project fitting that theme. It's the perfect opportunity to pack three projects into an episode rather than just one. It’s also a chance for each of us to go off-plan and make a project that suits our tastes!

The three clocks in this episode are great examples. While Chris stayed mostly on-plan, his clock featured some fancy table saw work. Logan stretched out his plan to accommodate a sweet stained-glass panel. And Phil changed the material and joinery on a Stickley-inspired clock to give it a brighter look. E1613 Tips

Watch Episode 13 | Download the Plan

One of the best parts of working on the show is seeing how Logan, Chris, and John (a Woodsmith project designer) approach woodworking tasks. I’ve learned a lot from them just by noticing the different techniques they use compared to my own.

Shop secrets, tips, hacks … whatever you call them. The cast shares the clever lessons that can help you use your tools more effectively, build projects with more confidence, and organize your workshop better. Find out how to improve your skills on this episode.

If the Woodsmith Shop isn’t on in your area, contact your local public television station. Or stream episodes here.

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Bonus Materials

Phil is a thrifty guy, so it’s fun to find clever, low-cost solutions he can use in the shop. Layout tools are often an overlooked group in the workshop, but they don't have to be complex or expensive. Here are a few that you could probably find laying around and put to use right now. 1613 Clock Clocks offer a great balance of ease, beauty, and function. This “steam-punk” industrial clock is a great example. At first glance, it looks like you need to have some welding skills to make this clock. But under the aged paint job, you’ll find that the face is made using materials and techniques familiar to any woodworker.

Published: Feb. 28, 2023
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