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The Ultimate Adjustable Table Saw Box Joint Jig!

By: Phil Huber
Perfect box joints every time? With this fully adjustable table saw jig, now it’s possible. The challenge for this jig was to come up with a design that eliminated as many variables as possible that could reduce accuracy. Check out the video and you decide if it's a success!

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Accuracy — that’s the key to success for just about any jig, but particularly for a box joint jig. So the challenge was to come up with a design that eliminated as many variables as possible that could reduce accuracy. The solution was to “build in” the accuracy right from the start.


Take the runner system, for example. Most box joint jigs are simply attached to a miter gauge. And if there’s any slop in your miter gauge bar, it can throw off the accuracy of the jig. But instead of using a miter gauge, this jig fits directly into the miter gauge slots of your table saw. The sides of the jig serve as runners. And since the jig travels in both slots, there isn’t any chance of racking.


Some box joint jigs use an adjustable index key to space the fingers of the box joints. The problem with this is that you have to fine-tune the adjustment every time you want to switch to a different size box joint. Instead, this jig uses a system of removable fences with separate keys for different sizes of box joints. A simple stop on the end of the jig allows you to return each fence to the exact position it was in the last time you used it.

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If you're ready to start building projects with better box joints, get the plans for this handy, adjustable jig and get started today.

Published: Dec. 2, 2021
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