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Quick Tips Vol. 13

By: Erich Lage
Lucky you. Here's some tips that will make life in the shop a lot smoother.

Paper Towels on the Go

W228 006f03
Jeff Hougman of Denver, CO, likes to keep paper towels close at hand in his shop. Two dowels and a length of rope give him options for tethering the roll into the round dog holes on his workbench or clamping it in the bench vise.

Thread Setter

W228 006f05 To remove the risk of snapping the heads of the soft brass screws that came with his hinges, Peter Sherrill of Forestville, WI, epoxied a steel screw to a Phillips bit for the purpose of tapping the threads in hardwood. W228 006f04 He used that to create the pilot for the soft screw.Once that was done, he installed the softer brass screws.

Peg Hook Extensions

W229 006f04 Jerry Renken of Spokane, WA, prevents his long pegboard hooks from lifting out by first placing an aluminum tube (1⁄16" x .014") over the center peg. W229 006f05 This gives the hook enough length that a peg lock strap can be used to keep everything in place.

Precise Epoxy Mixing

W229 006f06 Phil Huber of Urbandale, IA, uses graph paper to measure his epoxy. Matching the volume of resin and hardener is just a matter of matching the size of the puddles of each. The graph paper gives a good visual reference and can be used multiple times.

Published: July, 15 2021
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