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The router is perhaps the most versatile of any woodworking tool. You can use it to do everything from shaping simple edge profiles to cutting complex joinery.

Burn-Free Routed Profiles

Phil shows a quick and easy solution to get crisp, clean profiles without burning on your router table. Read More

Shop-Made Auxiliary Router Bases

Chris Fitch shows the features and benefits of three shop-made jigs that you can't (or wont want to) live without. Read More

Portable Router Table

A router table helps you get the most from your router. But that doesn't mean you need one set up … Read More

Circular Router Guide

A router table simplifies all kinds of tasks. And with a good jig, you can make the process accurate and … Read More

Router Stand

When you're using a hand-held router, it would be nice to have a place to set it down safely in … Read More

Gauge Block & Tote

Sometimes, it seems that setting up a router takes longer than the actual cutting. If that's been your experience, then … Read More

Router Chip Deflector

Routing dovetails using a dovetail jig can lead to a face full of dust. One inventive woodworker solved the problem … Read More

Guide Bushing Install

The smooth surface of a guide bushing makes them difficult to install securely. Here's an easy modification you can make … Read More

Routing A Hinge Mortise

Mortising for hinges is normally no big deal. But if the hinges are round, it introduces a challenge. Here's a … Read More

Trim Router Base Upgrade

A simple and inexpensive way to expand the use of your trim router. Read More

T-Track Accessory Storage

Power tool accessories like featherboards, stop blocks, and hold-downs make work safer and more accurate. The problem is finding a … Read More

Router Table Edge Trimming

Hardwood strips work great to conceal and protect the edges of plywood panels. Trimming the strips flush on large pieces … Read More

Routing Perfect Parts

Simple add-ons all it takes to rout small parts safely and accurately on your router table. Read More

Plywood Shelf Support

When it comes to trimming hardwood edging on plywood panels, it can be a challenge to handle the panels and … Read More

Foolproof Profile Routing

These simple steps help eliminate chipout and burned edges, and give you better results. Read More