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Miter Saw

A miter saw is a handy tool to have in the shop for cutting stock to length. With a little tuning, you can turn your saw into a reliable and accurate go-to tool for making repeatable cuts.

Shop-Built Miter Saw Zero Clearance Insert

Upgrade your miter saw with this custom-made zero clearance insert that will help you to get cleaner cuts. When the … Read More

Building a Heavy-Duty, Mobile Miter Saw Station

Over the years, we’ve featured a number of different miter saw stations, some of them taking up an entire wall. … Read More

Solutions for Better Miter Saw Cuts

Transform your miter saw into a precision crosscutting tool with a few upgrades and some handy tips and techniques. Read More

Miter Saw Upgrade

Whether it's for picture frames or molding, a miter saw makes short work of cutting angles. The trick is cutting … Read More

Upgrade for Precision Cuts

Learn how to add a tape measure and stop block to any power tool. Read More

Must-Have Miter Saw Upgrades

Find out how to dramatically improve your miter saw's results. Read More

Miter Saw Checklist

Getting accurate cuts starts with a simple onceover. Read More

Low-Cost Miter Saw Supports

Plywood wings make cutting long boards easier. Read More

Versatile Miter Saw Workstation

A compact miter saw add-on for your workbench... Read More

Miter Saw Dust Catcher

Collect dust & chips at the source with this shop-built add-on. Read More