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Versatile Miter Saw Workstation

By: John Doyle
A compact miter saw add-on for your workbench...

Miter saws are great for cutting down long boards. But there just isn’t enough space in my shop for a dedicated miter saw workstation.

For too long, I would set my miter saw on the floor, find some scrap pieces to hold up the ends of the board, and then crawl around on the floor to make my cuts. To solve this problem, and save my knees, I made a simple modification to my workbench and built the support platforms that you see here.

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The platforms support long workpieces on both sides of the miter saw. This makes it easy to make safe cuts. And I drilled two holes through the top and into the base of each platform. This way I can insert dowels to use as stops for repeat cuts. I also added a length of T-track to the front edge of my workbench. This allows me to lock the platforms in place anywhere along the bench.

s119 004a011

The platforms are made from 3/4" Baltic birch plywood and are assembled with screws and glue. I built them so that they would be the same height as my miter saw table. You’ll need to adjust the height to match your saw.

I used inexpensive star knobs and flange bolts to lock the platforms in position on the T-track. Once they’re locked in place, I use a straightedge to align the fence on my miter saw to the fences on the platforms.

With the miter saw clamped down, I’m ready to get to work. It takes just minutes to set up, and stows away easily, leaving my workbench free for other duties.

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Published: Sept. 27, 2012
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