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Low-Cost Miter Saw Supports

By: Woodsmith staff
Plywood wings make cutting long boards easier.

I don’t have room for a dedicated miter saw station in my shop, so I built these simple knock-down supports. This way, I can set my miter saw and these supports on a benchtop when I need to cut a long board. As you can see, the supports are just two layers of plywood glued face to face. I also added a back fence made from two more layers of plywood that aligns with the miter saw fence. The supports have riser blocks glued to the underside that position them at the same height as the saw table.

Near the end of each support where it meets the saw, I cut a narrow groove. The groove fits over a piece of aluminum C-channel that’s simply bolted to the side of the saw. (My miter saw had existing holes for bolting on the channel, but it would also be easy to drill holes through the thin wall of the saw’s base in order to add the channel.) The supports can be set up and broken down in minutes, making miter saw cuts easy even without a dedicated station.

Published: May, 30 2013
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