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Miter Saw Upgrade

By: Bryan Nelson
Whether it's for picture frames or molding, a miter saw makes short work of cutting angles. The trick is cutting parts to a consistent length. This handy add-on simplifies the job.

I make a lot of picture frames and often use my miter saw to cut the frame pieces. The problem is it’s diffi cult to make sure all the frame parts are a consistent length. That’s where the jig you see in the photo comes to the rescue.

To use the jig, cut a miter on one end of all of the pieces. Adust the stop block for the length of cut and lock it down. Set the workpiece on the base and against the fence and stop block, then make the cut. You can make repeatable cuts without having to measure. It works great anytime you need accurate miters.

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The jig consists of an L-shaped auxiliary fence and base that features an adjustable stop block. (The auxiliary fence should be fastened or clamped to the fence on your miter saw.) The stop block slides along a routed groove and is held in place with a carriage bolt, washers, and star knob. The end of the stop block is angled to accommodate mitered workpieces.

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Published: Feb. 26, 2015
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