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Clamping & Gluing

These useful clamping and gluing tricks can help you avoid sticky situations.

Tricks for Better Glueups

Laminating pieces to make thick parts makes smart use of wood. Here are some handy tips for getting the best … Read More

Quick & Easy Glueups

Less waiting, instant bond, no clamps — what could be better? Contact cement take the hassle out of gluing up … Read More

Versatile Clamps

These low-cost clamps easily tackle large assemblies. Read More

Must-Have Clamps

Here's a great set of clamps you'll use every day. Read More

Overhead Clamp Rack

This clever rack keeps bar clamps within easy reach. Read More

Frame Assembly Jig

Build this adjustable jig for seamless miter joints every time. Read More

Eliminate Glue Spots

Try one of these solutions to prevent glue marks. Read More

Long-Reach Clamps

These easy shop-built extensions extend bar clamps. Read More

Door Assembly Tricks

A simple plan for flat, square doors every time. Read More

Quick Tips for Plywood Cases

Two great ideas for better-looking cases. Read More

Super Glue Tricks

Learn a few ways to use this glue in your shop. Read More

No-Fuss Panel Clamp

These stands take the hassle out of assembly. Read More

Quick & Easy Bench Dogs

Shop-made dogs won't mar your workpiece. Read More

Clamp Complex Joints

Apply clamps in just the right place for durable assemblies. Read More

Bench Vise Fix

Two tips to keep your vise in top-notch shape. Read More