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Clamping & Gluing

These useful clamping and gluing tricks can help you avoid sticky situations.

Frame Assembly Made Easy

Glue up frames flat and square without using clamps. Read More

Aligning Edge Joints

A quick and easy trick for flatter glueups and smooth surfaces. Read More

Quick & Easy Clamp Pads

A simple way to keep clamps from damaging a workpiece. Read More

Assembly Helper

Simple Stands Give You an Extra Hand During Glueup. Read More

Knock-Down Gluing Station

This simple setup makes gluing up panels a breeze. Read More

Top Tips for Solid Wood Panels

Learn how to assemble flat, smooth panels. Read More

Project Assembly Made Easy

A couple of shop-built jigs give you a helping hand. Read More

Make Your Own Drill Press Hold-Down Clamp!

This Clever Accessory Keeps a Workpiece in its Place. Read More

Handy Clamp for Small Parts

Make Your Own Low-Cost Small Clamps! Read More

No-Fuss Glueups

Finish first for cleaner glue joints Read More

Gluing Box Joints

Learn our top tips for gluing up box joints Read More