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Wrapping Up the Season

By: Phil Huber
Woodsmith Shop Season 15 Episode 13: High-Tech Woodworking

Like people, there are some tools you just click with. For some reason, you have an easy learning curve and an adeptness with how the tool works and how you can put it to use. For Chris, a CNC router is one of those tools. He’s been working with CNC’s for 8 years or so. He even designed a shop-built version for Woodsmith.

In this episode, it only seemed right to turn Chris loose to share his enthusiasm for what a CNC machine offers to woodworkers. I shouldn’t be surprised at this by now, but it’s the person using the tool rather than the tool itself that’s responsible for amazing work. It’s all too easy to get blinded by the concept that this tool or that jig is going to magically make you a better woodworker. It’s the reverse. An enthusiastic, creative woodworker “magically” makes tools do amazing things. S15E12 Tip Case in point, in his home shop, Chris uses a few, simple hand tools (mostly) to create folk-style carvings, whirly-gigs, and other kinetic art objects.

Chris brings that same mindset to the CNC. He’s honed a vision for what a CNC can do both on its own and working alongside other workshop tools. That’s what he demonstrates in the show. Think of this episode as an introduction to CNCs. And if you want even more CNC content, check out Chris's show dedicated to them called CNC Basecamp. There you can dive into more of these interesting machines.

Watch the Episode: If the Woodsmith Shop isn’t on in your area, contact your local public television station. Or stream it here.

Download the Plan for this episode.

CNCBasecampE001 BONUS MATERIALS: Flat, stable and available in a wide number of species, plywood is an ideal material to be machined on a CNC router. Learn how to get the best cuts in plywood by trying out 4 different bits: straight, upcut, downcut and compression. CNCMachine Sure you can purchase a CNC machine and get started creating amazing projects. But if you’re the tool-making sort, you can build a CNC router for yourself and save some serious money.

Take your project ideas and make them ready for the CNC. Learn from project designers about drawing, software, and other solutions you need to get the best results in this Woodsmith LIVE seminar, Designing for CNC. CNCSeminar

Published: April 20, 2022
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