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Table Saw Infeed Table

By: John Doyle
This infeed support for your table saw helps control the upfront problem of cutting large sheets of plywood.

I like to use my table saw to break down large sheets of plywood into more managable pieces. My saw has plenty of outfeed support, however, large, thin sheets of plywood have a tendency to sag from their own weight as they are being fed into the blade. This makes the operation a challenge. To make this operation safer, I designed this infeed table. The table is easy to attach to my saw’s fence rail when I need to cut a sheet of plywood.

w213 006f01

Its narrow profile allows me to walk alongside as I feed material through the blade. When I’m done, it folds up and stores out of the way. Two rare-earth magnets keep the assembly folded when stored.

w213 006f02

The infeed table is constructed from plywood with a continuous hinge connecting it to the leg. The edge of the table is notched to fit around the rip fence and a long piece of aluminum angle is fastened to the tabletop to align with the fence. The leg is constructed from two layers of plywood glued together. To remove excess weight, I cut an opening in the center. A couple of T-nuts in the bottom of the leg assembly hold a pair of leg levelers.

w213 006a01

A couple short pieces of aluminum angle screwed to the underside of the table slip over the front rail of the saw. Two toggle clamps lock the table in place.

w213 006a02

This view from below provides additional dimensions.

w213 006a03

Published: Jan., 3 2019
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