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Wall-Mounted Swivel Storage Rack

By: Erich Lage
A Tidy Place Close at Hand for all those small pieces of Hardware.

W222 009f01 Like a lot of woodworkers, I have limited storage space in my small shop. So taking advantage of the space I do have is very important. This includes making practical use of every bit of available wall space. To that end, I came up with this swivel storage rack you see here. At the heart of the storage rack are some 8-oz. clear plastic jars with screw-on lids. They are the perfect size for organizing a vast array of small items and hardware. W222 009a01 The swivel rack is a simple build. With the exception of the dowel and the PVC spacers, the storage rack parts are all made from plywood. I made the top, bottom, and back first. A shallow hole in the top and bottom holds the dowel, and a couple rabbets are needed at the ends of the back. Next, cut the arms to size. Drill a hole in each arm for the dowel to pass through and use a couple screws to secure three lids to the underside of each arm.

Screw the bottom to the back first and glue one end of the dowel into the hole. Then it’s just a matter of stacking the rest of the pieces in place, alternating between spacers and arms until you reach the short spacer at the top. Finally, secure the top to the back. W222 009a01 d02

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Published: June 18, 2020
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