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Shop Storage & Organization

Maximize your shop storage and become more organized with these innovative storage tips.

Modular Benchtop Organizer

As you're working in your shop, it's easy for your workbench to become cluttered with tools. This lazy susan caddy … Read More

A Space-Saving Solution For Small Workshops

Give this space-saving “carousel” on top a spin or rotate the turntable underneath to provide easy access to your power … Read More

Easy-To-Build Table Saw Blade Rack

Keeping your table saw blades organized can be a headache. Throwing them in a drawer tends to dull the teeth … Read More

3-D Pegboard Rack

This rack makes good use of the limited wall space in your shop. It's a clever way to expand on … Read More

Wall-Mounted Swivel Storage Rack

A Tidy Place Close at Hand for all those small pieces of Hardware. Read More

Table Saw Accessory Rack

Blades, push sticks, insert plates... a table saw requires a lot of gear to make it work its best. This … Read More

Space Saving Bar Clamp Rack

Keeping clamps sorted and close at hand is a win-win for any shop. Read More

Above the Bench Propane Storage

I keep my propane torch close at hand with this little rack made from the left over parts of previous … Read More

Table Saw Insert Caddy

Here's an easy way to keep track of all the inserts that are paired with your table saw blades. Read More

Making A Small Parts Carousel

Storing Small parts close at hand is easy with this carousel. A few pieces of plywood and small storage containers … Read More

Glue Gun Tote

Far from a simple craft tool, a hot melt glue gun is surprisingly welcome addition in a workshop. The little … Read More

Saw Blade Caddy

An easy way to protect the investment that you've made in quality table saw blades. Read More

Small Parts Organizer

Here's an easy way to keep track of hardware and hand tools for the job you're working on. Read More

Pipe Clamp Rack

A custom clamp rack for a clamp with legs. A solid solution for storing some favorite clamps. Read More

Steel Rule Holder

A set of steel rulers forms the foundation of accurate layout and measuring. Unfortunately, these small rulers are easily lost … Read More