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Space-Saving Workstation

By: John Doyle
Fold-Down Tool Stands Help You Make The Most of Shop Space.

Having my workshop in the garage means I can’t always leave things set up. My solution is a set of hinged, fold-up workstations. You can mount the tools permanently or make them easy to remove.

You can customize the workstation for the tool you’ll be mounting to it. The size shown here works well for grinders and sharpening machines. You may want a larger size for tools like a miter saw or router table.

The hinged workstation consists of two hardwood rails that are mounted to the wall. The top is connected to the upper rail with a pair of butt hinges. The support arms are connected to the lower rail with hinges as well.

After making the rails and mounting them to the wall, you can work on the top. The drawings show how the top is notched on the sides to allow clearance for the support arms as they’re folded into position. A small cleat on the underside of the top “captures” the arms to support the top.

Once you have the top attached to the upper rail, you can get to work on the support arms. You may need to adjust their length so that the top will be level. After attaching the brace, mount the arms to the lower rail. Make sure that the arms fold without interference. All that’s left is to mount your tool securely with bolts, washers, and nuts and get to work on your next project.

Published: July 12, 2012
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